doubletriple effort is required now :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

It has been a year since the last post :)

yeahh, it has been a year since the last post.
bukan taknak update. cume mase tak mengizinkan.
terlampau bz dgn kerja2 yg tak pernah berkurang.
mase rehat utk diri sndri pon tak ada.
yes, banyak sebenarnya yg nak diluahkan , diceritakan , 
tp mase terlampau jelous tgk aku mengupdate blog nie.
actually i am doing my Koko's project work.
but suddenly i remember trahusin has asked me to update my blog.
hahah. buat mase nie, nie je aku mampu tulis.
mgkn esok kalau ade mase aku cerita bnde yg lebih menarik :)
sorry, have to get back to my work >.< daidaiiiii :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

after a month++

terlampau banyaaaaakkkk yang aku nak cerita .
n idk where i should start it ... okayy , maybe it can be started with

being one of part1 student at UiTM ALOR GAJAH, MELAKE was not really a nighmare like i thought actually. in fact, it was AWESOME !!!!!
MDS run smoothly untill i didn't realize it was over . 
MIKMAS 2 was TOTALLY AWESOME , n yes i am proud being one of HASSANIAN :)
class started with NEW, CRAZY, SPORTING n great classmates .
induction of acconting faculty made me a little bit fibrous, but theSENIORS n the event was SUPERB !!!
n now , it's already a month n ++ i've been here .
n eventhough it was only a month , i felt like I LOVE THIS CAMPUS DAMN MUCH !!!!!!
with new surrounding , buddies , lecturers , seniors n etc....

n now, let pictures tell everything :)
induction of accounting faculty 

me , minty n miajj

sukaneka ! tgk tgn masing2 berikat kain warne ;p

sukaneka lagiiiii ....

hah !! tiup jgn tak tiup !

qiefa, wanee , me n faiz ORANGEEEEEE :)

meet our senior, abg shaqiff :)

the only guys dalam class :)

MAC1101B, AWESOME !!!!

yeah, this is us .. GILE2 . lg2 laki 2 org tu . haha xD

alahh . bukan ceremony mane ponn , heboh tangkap gamba je . 
haha , the day of capturing for three of us :)

 me :)

mia jj lahh !

n anisss , kuat nangisss :p

yeahh, we are addicted to photoshoots . hahha . n yes, they are my best buddies here, n insya-Allah


 well ,
new buddies,
new lecturers,
new surrounding,
new resolution ,
new personality ? NAAAA...~~~~
never change :) insya-Allah ...